August - Moved to Boa Vista, Africa
Saw Loggerhead turtles laying eggs in the wild

September - A difficult month.
A Tropical Storm caused devastation on the island

October - Surveying the devastation.
The Greenery after the storm.

November - Arriving back in UK after over 8 years overseas.

December - Visiting friends and old haunts in Madeira.
Advent in London near Luton and exploring Hertfordshire.
Christmas in Sheffield, Yorkshire

A very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2013, to you all. xxx.


  1. A lyrical life

    Ιn places
    where Angela walked

    In projects
    that she painted

    In thoughts
    that she accompanied

    In emotions
    that she accepted and reciprocated

    Her smile grew
    and will bloom forever

    Happy New Year!

    Yannis Politopoulos

    1. Thank you, Yannis! That's beautiful. Happy New Year!

  2. Feliz 2013, que tengas un año lleno de ilusiones y sigas pintando y dibujando obras hermosas.

    Un abrazo


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