For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at any moment. (Claude Monet)

So... I'm in Sicily, again!

I'm lucky enough to have been allocated an apartment overlooking the Bay of Mazzaro', with Mount Tauro behind. To say the least, it excites the artist in me! It will be amazing to be able to study the rocks, fishing boats and sea below. It has already proven to appear different at every hour, in every light, from moment to moment!
This was yesterday evening, with a storm brewing at sea, when the ocean changed from Jade Green to Prussian Blue

One day Boudin said to me, 'Learn to draw well and appreciate the sea, the light, the blue sky.' I took his advice. (Claude Monet)


  1. What view Ange!! I was beginning to get worried about you!! Its good to see settled in and painting again.

  2. I love the claude monet phrases. Great painting too!


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