"Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow." (Imogen Cunningham).


Well, I finally bought a new camera! (When I say bought, I mean - Thanks mum! fantastic early birthday present!) Thank you to everyone who gave me lots of advice. I almost went for the Canon powershot, instead I chose the Canon IXUS 220. It's a compact digital camera which is small and I can just slip into my handbag when I'm off and about every day. However, it has a manual or automatic function. The manual function has 32 different settings (at the moment, the toy camera and colour select settings are my fave) so it appeases my instagram envy and, to be honest, Gimp has left me a bit stumped. So, I headed into St Albans yesterday with my friend (who's visiting me in Bedfordshire at the moment). I had a bit of a play around and am really pleased, as a first attempt, with what it can do! I'm going to have a happy snapping time in Norway in a couple of weeks (snow and low light settings) and back living in Sicily (beach, underwater and vivid colour settings) again this summer! Love, love, love the Canon IXUS220....


  1. Hey!! The photos have come out absolutely great!! Wise choice!


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