“Through woods and mountain passes The winds, like anthems, roll.” -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Midnight Mass for the Dying Year, 1839


  1. Love those darkly looming clouds! Beautiful fields...are these called moors?

    1. Not quite the moors. This is Icknield Way which claims to be one of the oldest roads in Britain and runs about 170 miles, close to where I live now. I am used to walking on 'the moors' close to where I am originally from in Yorkshire/ Derbyshire. If you have seen any adaptation of Jane Eyre those are the moors I grew up close to...

  2. I love these old greenways. I return to the Ridgeway whenever I can - in fact we've just come back from a walk along it. I have always planned to walk the Icknield Way , but never managed it yet. The gathering storm adds to that ancient feel.


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