Je vois le vie en rose

I don't usually offer an explanation to my paintings because it is difficult to put into words what can be conveyed through art. In my sketches and paintings I prefer to represent a time, place or event by the emotions it generated rather than as an accurate representation. So this is my painting to sum up September and how the month makes me feel. It's inspired by my favourite illustrator Pascal Campion who does wonderful night scenes and city streets and by one of my favourite scenes from a film 'Sabrina' (the 1995 version). It's the feeling of being alone in a city, it's cold nights drawing in, it's rain outside and being cosy inside or layering up clothes, it's the smell of wet leaves, it's a good book and a snug blanket, it's the purple evening sky and it's the harvest and the pending winter.


  1. Not too many people can capture the sentiments and emotions that I always get when autumn rolls around each year. It is my favorite time of year and for the very things your words describe. I love this sketch and wish I could be snuggled up within, maybe in a window seat watching the beauty of the outside world while I enjoy a good book at the same time.


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