Honeyed Dreams....

Ever tasted a dish sooooo good that it just sticks in your mind for a very long time?  No matter how carefully you stick to the recipes, how expensive the ingredients, no matter how much you trawl through Google or search the finest restaurants, you won’t recapture that taste!? Well, for me, it’s gotta be honeyed sobrassada parcels with apple!

Sobrassada is a traditional Mallorcan sausage made of cured, spiced pork. Now, imagine it roasted and softened, served in delicious crisp light puff pastry parcel and coated in sweet local honey with baked apples…  

But it’ not really just the taste, it’s the place, the light, the heat, the smells, the sounds, the memories, the company. I’m remembering ‘Sa Placa’ Restaurant, in the tiny village of S’Alqueria Blanca, on the South-East Coast of Mallorca.
This part of the Island is one of the least well-known, but its hidden villages, unsurpassable coastline, infinite traditions and exquisite tastes are, to me, amongst the best in the world.
S’Alqueria Blanca (which derives from Arabic, meaning white farm or estate) is just another small village, blink and you’ll possibly miss it! Hugging the main road, between the resort of Cala D’Or and Santanyi, Sa Placa is a beautifully presented, friendly, unpretentious restaurant which serves unforgettable traditional ingredients with a modern twist, in comfortable surroundings.
Picture juicy figs, fresh tender calmari, thick fruity balsamic, strong spicy sobrasada, subtle raspberry coolis, fresh meaty albondigas (meat balls) and tangy sharp goats cheese. All mixed, melded and arranged to perfection. It’s an art!
Image courtesy of : www.elephant10.com/restaurants_mallorcaGoats cheese in raspberry coulis, with fresh figs and salad.
Tapas is the theme. For those of you who have never tried tapas, here’s a little guide.  The word "tapas" itself, derives from the Spanish verb, tapar, which means "to cover". The first tapas were small tops, or lids full of olives or nuts, placed over the top of a glass. The legend goes that King Alfonso X Castile recovered from an illness by drinking wine with snacks between meals. He declared, thereafter, that eveyone should enjoy this style of eating, for their health. Other legends say that the King was, in fact, partial to a good drink and to save their blushes, the courtiers would slip him snacks onto his glass to endeavour to keep him sober.  There are countless stories in circulation, whatever the origin, tapas has become a gastronomic tradition, typical of Spain. It is a way for families and friends to enjoy conversation and share taste and culinary experiences. People generally order three or four dishes each, and they are brought out in succession, as the chef prepares them.  It’s common to order a selection of the day’s specials.
It’s not just about a meal, it’s about conversation and experience. To me it’s part of the fond memories of my time  living in Mallorca. I hope to one day encounter another ‘Sa Placa’ on my travels.
I’m still searching….


  1. Your fond memories and warmth of the place comes through wonderfully in this painting!! Its a real pleasure to see and read about places I would never have heard about! Thankyou. : )

  2. M-M-mmmn, I thought I was the only artist that considered food fine art - thanks for wetting my taste buds!


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