"All of life is a journey which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there.”

After seven months, it's time to say farewell to Sicily. It's been a roller coaster of a journey but I've met some incredible people, had some amazing experiences (tasted some fantastic food) and seen some wonderful places. Thank you for your comments, I hope you've enjoyed sharing some of these unforgettable memories with me... The scenes on my blog will shortly be changing as I head to Yorkshire (where possibly there is no internet access)!?....then in a couple of weeks to London, for the winter.... I shall be back to continue my Italian journey in April. However, for now, Arrivederci Sicilia.....


  1. I certainly have enjoyed your blog immensely and look forward to the next part of your journey as an artist.


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