To roam the greenwood wild and free.... Robert Service (from...ballads of the frozen north)

“Oh it is good to ride and run,
To roam the greenwood wild and free;
To hunt, to idle in the sun,
To leap into the laughing sea”

(Opening from Gwin King of Norway by William Blake)

Come, kings, and listen to my song:
When Gwin, the son of Nore,
Over the nations of the North
His cruel sceptre bore;
The nobles of the land did feed
Upon the hungry poor;
They tear the poor man's lamb, and drive
The needy from their door.

`The land is desolate; our wives
And children cry for bread;
Arise, and pull the tyrant down!
Let Gwin be humblиd!'......


  1. Hi Angela,how are you doing in Norway? I love the spontaneity and energy of your work and how you interweave poetry and literature with your art.Its very inspiring.


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