Sunday, 27 February 2011

To roam the greenwood wild and free.... Robert Service (from...ballads of the frozen north)

“Oh it is good to ride and run,
To roam the greenwood wild and free;
To hunt, to idle in the sun,
To leap into the laughing sea”

(Opening from Gwin King of Norway by William Blake)

Come, kings, and listen to my song:
When Gwin, the son of Nore,
Over the nations of the North
His cruel sceptre bore;
The nobles of the land did feed
Upon the hungry poor;
They tear the poor man's lamb, and drive
The needy from their door.

`The land is desolate; our wives
And children cry for bread;
Arise, and pull the tyrant down!
Let Gwin be humblиd!'......

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  1. Hi Angela,how are you doing in Norway? I love the spontaneity and energy of your work and how you interweave poetry and literature with your art.Its very inspiring.